Texas-Aloe-Plantations-1065x1191-HI  Aloe Vera really is an amazing plant. Many studies have shown that it can help heal wounds 8 days faster than just using a standard dressing. Aloe Vera also is a natural antibacterial agent and it contains many vitamins and minerals that have been known to help the skin with conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. Aside from helping medical conditions it also has many uses for every day things.

Below I will show you just how versatile Aloe can be and what place it can have in everyday life. I recommend that you use only 100% pure Aloe gel for these things to ensure that there are no added nasties.


Aloe is a great ingredient to add to a homemade scrub. It helps to get oxygen to your skin cells and it softens whilst strengthening the tissue leaving your skin looking healthy.

To make this simple scrub simply mix half a cup of Aloe with brown sugar and simply rub on any are that needs softening. Best done whilst in the shower.

Night Mask.

To wake with hydrated and glowing skin simply blend Aloe gel with cucumber and an egg white. Apply liberally to the face and wash off the next day!

Shaving Gel.

The antibacterial agent in Aloe makes it ideal to use a shave gel. It’s great for soothing little shaving cuts and is moisturising for the skin too. Simply apply the gel all over the area that is going to be shaved and shave away!

Sore Throat Healer.

If you have 100% pure Aloe gel with absolutely nothing else added then it will be completely safe to swallow. If you have the beginnings of a sore throat then a tea-spoon of the Aloe gel will soothe and heal it right away.

Eye Make up Remover.

Simply put a blob of Aloe gel on a cotton pad and place over the eyes for 10 seconds then gently wipe the make up away!