20170123_200111 Working from home can be a minefield of distractions especially if you want to be more productive.

They lay in wait ready to distract you from your planned mission. They can come in the form of an unwanted phone call or the yummy snacks in the cupboard calling to you or the biggest distraction of all, social media.

The difficulty with working from home is that you view at as your place to relax, a haven. So when trying to work its difficult to adjust your mindset.

So how do you keep yourself from being distracted and stay focused?

  1. Give yourself a monthly goal. This will give you something to focus on and work towards.
  2. Break the monthly goal down and give yourself weekly or even daily targets that will help you move towards your monthly goal.
  3. Always leave room for manoeuvre in your schedule. Things crop up and sometimes life gets in the way, By leaving yourself a little bit of freedom you wont feel like a failure if you can’t get everything done.
  4. Always make sure you factor in time for yourself. This can be however long or short that you want. But make sure you spend the time away from your work space doing something that you really love.
  5. Social media has to be the biggest distraction out there. Try to only check your social media during scheduled times. eg 10 minutes in the morning and afternoon. That way you wont get too caught up in whatever is going on and you can be productive.

Being distracted is the biggest killer of productivity. Staying on track will take some discipline and commitment but following these tips each day consistently should help you stay on track.